The Millburn High School Limelight Players are proud to present Arana, an original play, written and directed by MHS English teacher, Ms. Suzanne Snyder. Arana, which is Spanish for "spider," is a two-act play that takes place in a young girl's dream, paying homage to childhood memories, storytelling and family.
The play opens with Fernie Arabel, played by Rachel Ben-Menachem, reading a favorite childhood novel. She falls asleep, and the audience shares her dream interpretation of her favorite childhood book, while her family, friends and neighbors take the place of the book's setting and characters. Fernie's dream is vivid, at times dense, but telling.
Julia Silverstein plays a wise, poetic and mysterious young adult named Charlie Arana, She is homeless and often prejudged based on first inpressions, but she has amazing gifts. There are orphans who live in the Emilio Bernard Whittiker Home for Adolescents. Wilson Baecon, played by Jeremy Bergman is a foster child who is passed from home to home, who also has a hidden talent. The Arabels and Zuccos, two foster families, along with the rest of this imaginary neighborhood, teach us about family, struggle and love. Be part of the audience who will be the first to see the world premiere of this heartwarming story of life, love and coming of age.
Arana is a presented by the MHS Drama Club, with a student design team and stage crew, under supervision of a faculty production team.  The play is written and directed by Ms. Suzanne Snyder, English Faculty; Assistant Director, Ms. Patricia Corlett, School Social Worker; Set Designer-Dr. Roger Keller, Fine Arts Faculty; Theater Manager-Mr. Matthew Spatz, Band Director & Music Department Faculty; Costume & Make Up Designer-Keren Brender (Senior); Stage Manager for Actors-Jamie Paro (Senior); Stage Manager for Technical Crew-Maria Maclay (Junior); Artistic Designers-Luke Brewer (Senior) & Pouria Savakadoukei (Senior); Ticket Phone Sales-Claire Serruto (Sophomore)
 Cast members are: Rachel Ben-Menachem , Jordana Graifman , Erin Hernon, Martha Meguerian, Brandon Perler, Kathryn Raskin, Max Sauberman, Sam Schenerman, Julia Silverstein, David Wasserman, Jasia Ries, Morgan Gruer, Jeremy Bergman,  Lindsay Shedlin,  and Melissa “Melrose” Rosenberg.
The play will be held at the Millburn High School auditorium (462 Millburn Avenue), on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19 at 8 p.m.,. and on Sunday, March 20 at 2 p.m. For tickets, beginning February 28,  please call  973-564-7130 ext. 455. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Checks are to be made payable to "MHS DRAMA." A percentage of the ticket sales will be donated to Broadway House of Newark, NJ. For more information, visit their site at