MILLBURN, NJ - With tax season finally finished, there was only one major piece of business left for the Millburn Township Committee.

At the meeting on Tuesday, John Lloyd, the special tax counsel for the township of Millburn briefed the township committee on the tax assessment base in town and the current state of tax appeals.

As Lloyd noted, Millburn's proximity to a transportation line and top-notch school districts worked in the township's favor and would keep its tax base strong for years to come. He also noted that there were approximately 600 residential and 47 business tax appeals this year.

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"I think that there was an uptick in appeals but not in a huge amount," Lloyd said.  More than we'd seen before. And in digging into the background and some of the data about the market, we still saw that notwithstanding the fact that there were a few more appeals, the market is still strong in several sections of the town."

Llyod also noted that in some sections of the town, markets had softened, and some properties had aspects that were missed during inspections or re-evaluations, leading to what residents felt was an unfair tax rate and an increase in appeals. However, he said that it was no cause for alarm or panic among Millburn residents.

For Millburn Mayor Diane Thall-Eglow, hearing Lloyd present on the tax base and appeals issue helped clear the air for her and the rest of the committee.

"We've been getting a lot of questions and concern of why there have been so many appeals," Eglow said. "And I think he sorted that out, that we don't have to worry that things are going down in Millburn. He gave us the confidence that housing is actually very strong in Millburn."