FLORHAM PARK, NJ - The Borough of Florham Park will be starting its annual Milling and Paving Projects on Wednesday, April 21st. The following roads will be milled and paved:

• Deerfield Drive (175’ east of Harvale Drive to Leslie Avenue)

• Forest Drive

• Sutton Place

• Kice Road

• Harvale Drive

• Spring Valley Drive

• Smithfield Road

• Crane Lane

Milling of the above noted roadways will begin April 21st through April 23rd. Access to the roadways and residential driveways will not be impacted during the milling process, however, after a resident’s road is milled, paving may not occur on the road for a few days depending on the paving company’s schedule and weather, so residents should drive with extreme caution to avoid raised manholes and raised curbs at their driveway opening.

Paving is anticipated to commence during the week of April 26th, weather permitting. Residents will be restricted from use of the roadway and use of their driveway during certain portions of the day while the road is being paved. The paving process involves spreading a tack coat prior to paving the road, so it is recommended to stay off the road from the time the tack coat is applied to the approximately 2 hours after paving.