MILLTOWN, NJ - Rubber ducks may not move as quickly at Firecracker 5K winner, Kyle Price. After all, Price did run finish the Boston Marathon 154th out of a field of 30,000 runners and can quickly make his way around the three point two mile Firecracker 5K course in just over 17 minutes. A duck race is a whole lot slower as the bright yellow quackers meander their way from the Main Street Bridge to the old railroad bridge.

The borough held its fourth annual Duck Race on July 4. The race is sponsored by St. Paul's Church and is a fundraiser for the church's youth group, helping to send the teens on a summer mission trip. For $5, participants can put one duck in the water and get five rubber duckies in for a swim for $20. Each duck is numbered with racers receiving the identifying number when they register for the race. The first 10 ducks to cross under the railroad bridge are deemed the winners with the owners earning a $100 gift cards. Winners did not have to be present to claim their prize through many folks did brave the heat to see the duck race in person.

Ottawa hosted the first-ever North American duck race, but Ohio is home to the largest United States duckie race. The Rubber Duck Regatta first hit the water in Cincinnati in 1995 and now boasts more than 150,000 rubber duckies that raise money for the Freestone Foodbank.

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If any residents missed out on putting a quacker in the water for Milltown's Fourth Of July Duck Race, don't stress. Simply, look for the large yellow duck making its way up and down the parade route on July 4, 2019 and get in on the fun.

Sorry kids. The ducks don't get to go home with you. They rest up at St. Paul's to race again next Fourth of July.