A little secret: I haven’t owned a scale for years. The way I measure my weight is to try on clothes (usually my trusted jeans) and see how far I can button them. Every now and then I do actually weigh myself when I am at the doctor or have a reason to take my sons to the doctor. When this happens, I strip down as much as decently possible before I move the slide ruler. And this is why I don’t own a scale; I would weigh myself constantly and become obsessive about the whole process.

Mirrors are another story. I have to keep them in the house. They are a piece of furniture and I can’t do much without them or escape the fact that they are a necessity. But they, too, can lead to obsessive checking and re-checking. That is why I refuse to get the hideous magnifying mirror for my bathroom – I already see more than I care to! I don’t need anything enlarged.

Mirrors and scales are a double-edged sword. Do we need them? Perhaps. As the saying goes, they’re just keeping it real, but in a harsh kind of way by forcing us to face ourselves with all of our imperfections. The real truth is this: what they can’t do is measure the essence of who we are on the inside. There is no slide ruler or digital number for that.

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One thing we can see in a mirror – our own smile shining brightly back at us. Next time you look in a mirror smile back and tell yourself how great you are. That is worth its weight in gold.

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