MORRISTOWN, NJ - In 1893, an independent elementary school opened in Morristown and 25 years later it changed its name to The Peck School after its new headmaster, Lorraine T. Peck. The institution has flourished and grown, but always prided itself on enhancing life skills, rigorous academics and character development.

The school is kindergarten through eighth grade and there are a total of 337 students. Technology is a major part of the curriculum and there is a Mac lab, an iPad program for the whole lower school, white boards, smart boards, blogging, an online newspaper and a program that allows students and teachers to correspond online about homework.

Headmaster John Kowalik has been there for a decade and in the education field for almost 30 years. Kowalik said he has enjoyed his time at Peck and said it is a family school with a warm friendly environment.

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Families applying to Peck are interviewed and have to show they can be committed to the entirety of the Peck program.  It isn't just the child that becomes part of the school, it's the whole family.

“Peck is a wonderful place in terms of building a foundation for a successful life,” Kowalik said. “We believe that knowledge should be informed by values and character.”

The staff has great relationships with the students and their families, he said. Kowalik said the people are his favorite part of Peck because everyone is working towards the same goal: to teach our students to become successful in life.  The teachers are dedicated and excellent and truly help the kids, he said.

“I think our program couldn’t be sustained without the quality of teachers we have here at Peck,” he said. “Peck’s a very special place. It is unique among schools in the way that we deliver an education.”

Two people who feel strongly about the school are Joan Myers, the director of advancement and Kay Malone, the director of alumni. Myers and Malone have been there for six years, but Malone came to Peck as a parent in 1983 and fell in love with the school.

“I think it is a wonderful school to work for,” Myers said. “Everyone works hard and helps each other.”