WEST ORANGE, NJ - The Moore Love program has traveled across the United States from Texas and found a home at Gregory Elementary School in West Orange, where it is hoped that the acts of kindness that it encourages spread throughout the community.

Moore Love was begun after a most remarkable human being, Ella Moore, passed away on September 8, 2011.  According to the Moore Love website "Ella had a vision and drive to bring joy and self worth to everyone she met. Moore Love is driven to honor and and celebrate Ella’s life by paying it forward to the community she loved. Moore Love is committed to fostering kindness with the belief that “kindness is catching” – e.g. kind actions by one individual can spread and create a kinder community.

Moore Love develops programs in schools, communities and businesses to encourage positive acts that bring brightness to others, with the hope they will pass it on."

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On Friday, February 1, Gregory Elementary School launched the Moore Love initiative with their students.  Over the past several weeks, Gregory parents Lauren Selikoff and Betsy Stephens brought the program to the attention of Gregory Principal Michelle Thompson.  The students and their parents were informed about the plan, which included cards that each student would receive.  As they saw someone doing an act of kindness, they would hand that person the card, and that person would pay it forward.  Each card has a registration number on it so that the original owner can register on the website and post comments.  Each student also received a card for their parent/guardian to utilize.  In addition, local businesses have signed up to 'reward' students that visit them between now and February 14 with various treats and discounts.

It is hoped that the efforts of the Gregory School Community will touch residents and businesses around West Orange and beyond, and that other schools and groups will follow.  

To find out about Moore Love, please visit www.moore-love.org.

To see a list of the local West Orange merchants participating in the Moore Love initiative, go to http://moore-love.org/sponsors-2.

For more information about getting involved or starting a Moore Love initiative, contact Lauren Selikoff at lauren@selikoffco.com or Betsy Stephens at donatemoorelove@gmail.com.

To check out Gregory Elementary School, please go to: