PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield's City Council meeting on Monday began with Mayor Adrian O. Mapp addressing council members, insisting the expansion of city departments will not add any additional costs to the city budget.  He also called objectors “purveyors of misinformation.”

VIDEO:  Plainfield Mayor Defends Restructuring as “Budget Neutral”

Additional discussions related to the city council agenda included:

  • A resolution to authorize the city to enter into an agreement with the Plainfield Public Library to facilitate expansion of its digital literacy instruction capacity would have a $52,600 impact this year, to build out classroom space, and for salary and wages for instruction.  According to Ron West, head of the Department of Administration and Finance, "This is the beginning of our rollout of our ability to provide additional digital literacy training throughout the city of Plainfield." (7-0 vote)
  • A resolution that authorizes the Plainfield Fire Division to donate a 17-year old breathing air compressor for which it is hard to get parts to La Vega Fire Department in the Dominican Republic. The fire department received a grant to purchase a new air compressor, and the department is fully equipped, according to City Administrator Carlos Sanchez, speaking on behalf of Police Director Carl Riley.  (7-0 vote)
  • Milling and paving of close to eight miles, or 28 streets, by the Morris County Co-op, not to exceed $1,800,000.  The work would start approximately in one and a half weeks.  (7-0 vote)
  • The authorization to purchase one new 2018 Elgin street sweeper, not to exceed $216,779.35.  Currently the city only has one street sweeper.  (7-0 vote)
  • The city would implement an app called Report It that would give residents the opportunity to send any relevant information,from property to safety issues, to appropriate departments, and would cost the city $450 per month.  Councilman Elton Armady asked how the community would learn about the app, and Economic Development's Valerie Jackson said the message would be pushed out on social media channels.  The city's official Facebook and Twitter pages have less than 2,500 followers to date.  (7-0 vote)
  • A resolution would authorize the Planning Board to reexamine the TODD-West Redevelopment Plan to include the bilingual daycare site at 225-231 West 2nd Street, a city owned property.  The HOPES CAP Inc. daycare center's lease is up at the end of August, and will move to the armory at Leland Avenue and East 7th Street. (7-0 vote)

The next council meeting will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 4.