SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — Recent recycling changes for the Village were shared at the opening meeting of the Community Board Advisory Committee.

Trustee Bob Zuckerman said the number 5 recyclables, which were not being collected previously, are allowable for the time being. “That's because the facility where our recycling group Giordano takes the recycling is under renovation,” he explained.  “So they're now taking it to the Waste Management facility that does accept number 5's. So from now to the next, I don't know, several months at least, you can throw your number 5 plastics in with your number 1's and 2's.”

Committee member Lorraine Graves noted that the New Jersey DEP offers a free app called Recycle Coach, which is available for both Apple and Android. “That app is specifically designed to handle these changes,” said Graves. “There's going to be a lot of market fluctuation in recycling... You can put this thing right on your phone,” she advised her fellow committee members and the public. “So you can see from month to month what the changes are, what's going to be recyclable, [and] what is.”

The recycling information page of the South Orange website has many details, several of which are highlighted here:

— All items being recycled need to be cleaned of any food waste.

— Under no circumstance will Giordano collect recycling in plastic bags. The Township has used single stream recycle processing for several years allowing all recyclable materials to be placed directly into the Toter recycling container for collection. 

Processors are very strict due to new laws and penalties being imposed by China which will affect costs for the Township if not abided by. Recycling Notice ​

— Lithium Batteries are NOT to be disposed of in your recycling Toter. These batteries are typically found in cell phones and other electronic devices. They are a fire hazard when improperly disposed of. 

2021 Recycling Schedule



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