When people learn that I teach Global Business Etiquette and Protocol as well as Social Graces they usually ask if I teach table manners and dining etiquette (I do). Many people think of dining when they hear the word etiquette.

However, etiquette and protocol are more than the correct fork.

Etiquette and Protocol are about relationships, communication, leadership, image, a world view, business strategies, customer service, the bottom line, diplomacy, ethics, freedom, wisdom, poise, confidence, charm, power, resolving conflict, high performance, success and comfort. This broad list speaks to the depth and breadth of etiquette knowledge and its power.

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In the classic book The Vogue Etiquette Guide, then editor and later NJ State Senator, the late Millicent Fenwick said “Etiquette is a system for the complex business of living in a community. It is part of the web of customs, beliefs, laws and morals which sustain and restrain men “(and women).

Simply put, etiquette intelligence is a system of tools, skills and practical standards which enables us to successfully navigate business and social situations. Mastery of these tools will:

  • Help employees present their best selves

  • Achieve desired business and personal results

  • Increase the supply of civility in today’s culture

  • Develop successful relationships

  • Contribute to the mindset that what we do and say impacts others.

  • Bridge cultural and generational boundaries

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Bridge the gap between social media and standard business practices.

  • Improve workplace culture, productivity and profitability.


Harvey Mackay, author of Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive, said in his book, "I would like to start a campaign to return good manners to business. Bad manners are bad for business."

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