MONTCLAIR, NJ - Dan Taylor, STEM Coordinator for Mount Hebron facilitated during a five hour extracurricular workshop, which taught 8th grade students about electricity.  Later this week Taylor and his students will spend another 4 to 5 hours building and testing a solar suitcase.

The solar suitcase is hailed as energy in a box. It was developed by a husband-and-wife team in Berkeley California to provide electricity to energy impoverished areas. The small suitcase not only provides emergency energy in hospitals but is also used recreationally and educationally to extend student days. In areas where there is no electricity this small suitcase can provide much-needed light for students.

The first two solar suitcases assembled by Mount Hebron students were sent to Ghana and Tanzania. This Saturday, students will be assembling another suitcase at a parent's home, and sending it to the Democratic Republic of Congo on behalf of the local organization Upright Africa, founded by local surgeon John Woods.

Mt. Hebron staff and students are grateful to all who contributed through fundraising in the 2013/2014 year. Without the generous donations of parents and interested members it would not have been possible to make this come to fruition.