Basking Ridge,NJ- Brownie Troop 61057 met today and discussed Women's History Month. Starting off the meeting with a discussion about the role women have played in history. The group shared names of women they knew who had historic significance in the United States. One notable woman discussed and celebrated was Juliette Gordon Low who started the girls scouts 103 years ago on March 12, 1912.

The girls discussed historic figures, present day leaders, and that fact that they can be the future leaders and make their mark in the world.

Local women came to talk about how they became what they are today while explaining what they wanted to be when they were children. A Principal, FBI Agent, Doctor and Author.

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First to speak was Ms. Joanne Hozeny who is Principal at Mount Prospect Elementary School. The children, all Mount Prospect students, were very comfortable with her and were able to talk about the school and what a Principal does. The girls did learn that when Ms. Hozeny was a child she wanted to be an Astronaut.

Second to speak was Courtney Foster, an FBI Agent and local mom. Courtney explained to the kids that she knew from a young age that she wanted to join the FBI. Explaining that in order for her to be in the FBI she needed to come from a 'do the right thing mentality' as well as be educated. She stressed that high achievement in all areas of life will give you a chance to be with the FBI but actually being chosen to be an Agent is not easy.

The girls learned that FBI stands for; Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity. When Courtney asked what Integrity meant, one Brownie, Chloe Moss, answered, "when you do the right thing when no one else is watching."

Dr. Stephanie Levine was next. Many of the girls know Dr. Levine from the Somerset Pediatric Group. Dr. Levine, like Courtney, knew what she wanted to be at a young age. Stephanie stressed that the girls should do what they love. That going to work with a smile on your face is a blessing.

Tara Lazar spoke next. She is a published author who is just as entertaining in person as her books are to read. She explained how she always had a desire to create and discussed what it takes to get a book to an agent, then a publishing house and how an illustrator works with her words to create the visuals. With great humor she took the girls through her published book Monstore and shared preliminary copies of Little Red Gliding Hood and I Thought This Was A Bear Book.

The meeting ended with the girls understanding that their own moms, if currently not in the work force, all had careers of their own before motherhood. It was a rewarding lesson for this group of 3rd graders and a great way to celebrate Women's History Month.