The 2013 Acadamy Awards is this Sunday, February 24th, but this event has been my least and favorite T.V. event ever! Give me some credit; I've never get a chance to write about this so, I will use the space dedicated to the stars who are nominated. 

2013 is a mixture of veterns and new contendees to join the 'cool club'. 'The Sliverlinings Playbook' has four actors nominated; one already an Oscar winner. 

Best Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro

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Best Actor: Bradley Cooper 

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Best Supporting Actress: Jacki Weaver 

The movie had an amazing cast along with Oscar nominated Adapted Screenplay Writer, David O. Russell. Out of the two actors who have a stronger chance, De Niro and Lawrence are the big contenders. Two reasons: First, De Niro is a 'bad-ass' in movies; plus his performance as Cooper's father earend great reviews, including mine. Second, the theory of winning the Oscar is to win a Golden Globe. Lawrence won this year's Golden Globe for Best Actress, therefore has a better chance of winning the Oscar. Meryl Streep will be happy to await for her encore of Miss Lawrence's shout-out.  Daniel Day-Lewis is another Oscar winner that is nominated for Best Actor for his role as Abraham Lincoln in the movie, 'Lincoln.' Like De Niro, Lewis never disappoint both critics and audiences around the world. His portrayl as the 16th President was not only personable, but a believer of giving  all mankind freedom during slavery . Lewis is an actor that continues to bring truth to his characters. Winning this year's Oscar will go to show that you can't bring a good man down.

Now, there are a few certain people that should have been nominated. Argo has a better chance for winning Best Picture...ok...and Ben Affleck won his Golden Globe for Best Director (*cough cough #nudge).Tell if I'm wrong, but aren't movie actors, including movie directors suppose to have a shoe in for the Oscars? Come on! I know he doesn't have his right wing man, Matt Damien in this project but to exclude out of the catagory is JUST PLAIN WRONG! If Argo were to win for Best Picture, Affleck would soo get his thunder back; without the catagory for Best Director (#booyah). Also, that rumor about Leonardo DiCaprio 'taking a break from acting?' Well, when your a big actor and you've been nominated THREE times for both an Oscar and a Critic Choice Award and SEVEN times for a Golden Globe...yea...I don't blame the man for taking a break. Lewis did that exact same and look at him man, Leo! As a Tarantino fan, the competion for Best Original Screenplay is fierce. On the other hand, DiCaprio as a villian (Calve Candie) was his best performance to date; which broke my heart to hear that he didn't get the nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Christopher Waltz deserves just as much as Leo, yet didn't he already win an Oscar for 'Inglorious Bastards?' Just sayin'.

'Argo,' 'Silverlining Playbook,' and 'Lincoln' are the top THREE movies that will win this year's Acadamy Awards for Best Picture. As for Best Supporting Actress, Anne Hathaway has a better chance for her performance in 'Les Miserables.' The other main catagories: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor belongs to 'Sliverlining Playbook.' Best Original Screenplay deserves to (never going to happen) 'DJango: Unchained.' With the LOVE and HATE of this one a year event, the winners are unpredicable and the Red Carpet can never be any less glamorous. Like most women in the Garden State, I will tune in for the Red Carpet Pre-Show to watch the stars walk and be judged for Best and Worst Dressed.