Alicia DiGiovanni and Sandee Conroy will be playing Mystic Music at an Annual Mind-Body-Eco-Spirit Health Conference  at the United Nations Church Center on Saturday,  June 18th on 777 First Avenue at 46th Street, NYC 2nd floor from 10 am – 3:30 pm.

Alicia and Sandee have had past events at the Berkeley Heights Recreation Center, Berkeley Heights, Studio Fitness; Warren and at the Circle of Intention in High Bridge.

What is Spiritual Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls?

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Alicia DiGiovanni will be chanting and singing while Sandee Conroy will be  playing Crystal and Tibetan bowls.

Crystal bowls are a new version of sound therapy developed on the heels of Tibetan Singing Bowls, brass bowls of varying sizes used for thousands of years by Tibetan monks. The brass bowls were introduced to the world just a few decades ago when the Chinese overtook Tibet. As the monks fled their monasteries, they carried whatever they could with them, the bowls included. Eventually the singing brass bowls made their way to market and holistic practitioners, as well as musicians, have been using them ever since.

Sound has the ability to penetrate the entire being, aligning and entraining the cells of the body to the frequency of the notes. Conroy’s’ crystal bowls, some 24 inches in diameter, provide a powerful, resonate field of higher dimensional energy. Much like a symphony, by relaxing into the sound, stress falls away and a sense of well-being ensues. Alicia and Sandee are known for their Sound Meditations and Healing Work in New Jersey.

Alicia DiGiovanni, of Berkeley Heights, will sing ancient chants accompanied by the crystal bowls. The well-known Gregorian Chants, dating from the Middle Ages, are a prime example of the power of repetitive song. Alicia sings the chants as she is inspired, giving each performance a unique character enhanced by the spontaneity of the chanter.

This event will have a gamma of Meaningful World Ambassadors  from Dr Ani Kalayjian who is the founder, to esteemed  panelists and high priests of healing centers around UN.

This global humanity event is free and donations are welcomed to assist this continued success organization.  Be a part of this global awareness annual conference and experience mediations, African drumming, spiritual sound healing, speakers, afternoon workshops showcasing selective healing centers and more.

Meaningful world objectives are:

v To affirm that consciousness impacts our health on individual, collective, and planetary levels
v To activate a commitment to practices reinforcing the notion of interconnectedness energetically, biologically, emotionally, and spiritually
v To provide a variety of approaches to achieving a holistic health through consciousness raising and a journey of transformation
v To reinforce the value of integrating mind-body-eco-spirit for promotion of health, unity, and peace

To learn more about this heartfelt global mission visit: