SPRINFIELD, NJ - The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado made a touchdown in Springfield, NJ earlier this afternoon.

Evident weak rope-like tornado with definitive rotation and debris in Springfield, NJ! Wow... pic.twitter.com/FnnZCrwIPQ

— Armando Salvadore (@KaptMands) August 7, 2019

According to ABC 7 Accuweather, the tornado, listed as an Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF) 0 touched down in Springfield at approximately a quarter to three. According to the report, the tornado was on the ground for no longer than four minutes. Wind speeds were estimated at around 70 mph.

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An EF-0 tornado has winds in the range of 65-85 mph.

The funnel cloud picked up debris on Route 22 and threw it across the roadway, according to eyewitness acounts.

Weather warnings are still in effect across the area until roughly 9:00 p.m. this evening. Take caution if your are traveling anywhere in the area until then.