It has rained the last few days.  Finally.  And with the rain came the first glimpse of cooler temperatures and the ever-present fashion question: what to wear?  It happens every year; the weather changes and you’ve got to transition to another season.  But what to do when it’s not a huge temperature drop?  When the change is ever so slight and all you need is a bit more coverage than tees and tanks can provide?  I was in a quandary but then I remembered my navy/white striped long-sleeved tee. I tried it with jeans and I was set to go.

In navy/white or red/white, striped tees and lightweight sweaters are a perfect choice for an in-between weather day.  They’re fresh, classic and versatile.  Dressed up or dressed down, they can be paired with a work skirt or pant and are a great choice for casual and weekend wear as well.  Even better news?  They’re available and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy one.  I found mine at Target. 

Because there’s a lot going on with a striped piece, you won’t need  much in the way of accessories.  But here’s a tip: a simple manicure can pull this look together (Man O’Manicure). And why not try blue polish?  A perfect choice for both blue and red stripes, it’s been a hot trend this spring and summer.  Women’s tips and toes have been sparkling in soft and vibrant shades of blue; robin’s egg or pastel blue, electric blue, medium sky blue and midnight blue are everywhere. There’s even buzz that blue polish in darker shades of navy and indigo will be among the “it” colors for fall, presenting an interesting option to the standard darker browns and blacks.  I’m getting ready to sing the blues myself. 

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Stripe it up when you find yourself with a slightly cooler day! The nautical feel still says summer, but the longer sleeves provide the added coverage you’ll need.  They are a stylish transition piece with presence.

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