If you could leave your family, friends, and familiar surroundings behind to risk your life on a three-year, round-trip voyage to Mars, would you go? In the new Facing Mars exhibition at Liberty Science Center, you'll have the chance to answer this question twice: once as you enter the exhibition and again as you exit with all the facts.

Facing Mars isn't just about visiting another planet - it's about determining whether we have the ingenuity to solve the challenges of deep space travel. Guests can experiment with 28 outstanding hands-on and full-body experiences.

Guests will:

. fly over the Martian surface and see real hi-def satellite images of the Red Planet

. examine psychological profiles to build a flight team that won't quarrel or mutiny

. see how to grow food in space (hope you love algae!)

. try out a special harness and walking surface to experience Martian "low gravity," where everyone can "take a giant leap" with each step

. see a rare Mars meteorite . check out before and after photos of your face in microgravity

. learn that in space, there's no 911.

Could you handle any emergency that came up, from electrical problems to emergency surgery?

. take a whirl in the spinning chair, then try to solve a simple puzzle

. try to perform simple manual tasks in a low air pressure environment

After enjoying this challenging and thought-provoking exhibition, guests have the chance to answer the question again - would they fly to Mars? Why or why not? They may find themselves considering the question more carefully!