New Eyes for the Needy recently received two grant awards, $7,500 each, from The Fred C. Rummel Foundation and the Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement in support of its New Eyes for NJ Seniors eyeglass program. 

“The combined support of the Rummel and Wallerstein Foundations will allow New Eyes to improve the vision of 250 needy senior citizens in our state,” explained Susan M. Dyckman, executive director, New Eyes. “The Foundations’ continued commitment to and generous support of our eyeglass voucher program means new prescription glasses and a brighter outlook on life for seniors that struggle to see clearly because they cannot afford the glasses they need. We are very grateful to have their generous support.”

New Eyes purchases glasses through a voucher system that partners the organization with 4,000 eyeglass providers across the country. Applicants may apply for assistance through a social service agency or school nurse. Applicants generally have incomes at or below the federal poverty level and are uninsured or have insurance plans that do not cover eyeglasses. They must include a recent eye prescription with their application. Once an applicant is approved for assistance, he receives a voucher that can be redeemed by any eyeglass provider that is willing to accept New Eyes’ reimbursement rates. New Eyes reimburses the provider directly once the glasses are made.

For more information about New Eyes for the Needy’s program to provide prescription eyeglasses to people in need in the U.S. or to make a donation to the program, visit