New Eyes for the Needy welcomed Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks volunteers on Thursday, May 6 to spring clean and rejuvenate the nonprofit's outdoor space. The volunteers raked and swept away the long winter's debris; weeded and mulched garden beds; transplanted bushes; and planted flowers throughout the day.

"We always look forward to Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks coming to New Eyes. Each year they pay us several visits, the first being the gardening day," said Jean Gajano, Community Relations Coordinator for New Eyes. "The team members come in ready and enthusiastic to work and immediately set about getting the job done."

"Indeed," agrees Sue Dyckman, Executive Director of New Eyes. "Community TeamWorks provides New Eyes with a much needed facelift each spring that further deepens our volunteers' sense of pride and ownership in our organization. We thank Goldman Sachs for their generosity and time. We greatly appreciate their dedication year after year to assisting us."

Community TeamWorks is Goldman Sachs' signature volunteer program that allows each person one day away from work to volunteer on a team-based project with a nonprofit organization. Community TeamWorks volunteers have come to New Eyes for the Needy for the past decade bringing their professionalism and dedication to the organization through beautification and renovation projects and sorting and testing donated eyeglasses.