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Thanks to Cupid, the warmth from Valentine’s Day is a perfect and needed break from a chilly Jersey winter.  February 14th brings the potential of a sizzling, romantic day for couples everywhere, and if the cards are played correctly, the heat generated from one day will carry couples throughout the year.

When it comes to couples, Cupid has already worked his magic with those arrows. Cupid now relies on us to continue the job and keep the romance going.  Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your other half is actually pretty simple … you already have the love — all you need is the flavorful backdrop to celebrate it!

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Get ready for a Jersey Date Night that’s sure to make hearts skip a beat!

A Delicious View of Our Back Yard

One of the cool things about living in the Garden State is the view from our side of the Hudson.  It’s a pretty romantic backdrop for Cupid’s Couples, and Molos makes the moment delicious. Located in Weehawken, the floor-to-ceiling view of the Manhattan skyline is only upstaged by the delicious Greek- and Mediterranean-inspired seafood served.

One of their signature experiences is to visit their fish market and select a whole fish, which is prepared tableside with traditional saganaki flame. It’s always romantic to share a dish, so you might want to choose the seafood plateau — a presentation of chilled oysters, clams, shrimp, lobster and more. Be sure to check out their extensive selection of Greek wines, perfect for toasting your Valentine.

A romantic dinner date needs to have the perfect ending, and there’s nothing better than their molten chocolate cake, oozing with melted chocolate goodness.

“Steak” Your Bet on a Romantic Evening

Sometimes a red-blooded New Jersey couple needs a substantial meal straight off the grill. Look no further than the Salt Creek Grille Princeton to cure that craving. Located in Princeton Forrestal Village, you’ll feel transported to the most upscale yet casual ski lodge. 

Besides a rustic romantic atmosphere, you’ll find a culinary approach that follows the time-honored tradition of grilling meats over hot mesquite embers. From steak to poultry, you’ll enjoy dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients available. Pairing your meal with a bottle of wine from their unique assortment of wines from both boutique vineyards and well-known cellars is definitely in order.

Save some room for dessert, as you’re not going to want to pass up their chocolate ganache soufflé or the lemon ricotta fritters. Toasting your love with a nightcap coffee drink is a must, and you’ll love their assortment.

Nothing Says Love Like the Shore

It doesn’t get more romantic than enjoying expertly prepared Italian food while watching the waves hit the sand, and New Jersey delivers. Sirena Ristorante is situated on Long Branch’s beautiful beach and features floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of the ocean.

Sirena in Italian means mermaid, and is the perfect name to describe the location’s oceanside views as well as its fusion of signature Italian dishes from both land and sea. Sirena Ristorante prides itself on offering only the highest quality fresh seafood, meats and pastas all of which are sourced locally, imported from Italy or made in-house.

From their pizzas to other Italian classics such a branzino and veal chop Milanese, you can’t go wrong with any choice for your main dish. Desserts ranging from classic tiramisu to banana bread pudding are sure to please. And if you’re not tempted by the dessert martini options (there are a lot!) the in-house sommelier will steer you to the perfect bottle of wine.

Not an Ordinary Night at Home

Sometimes the most romantic place isn’t a well-decorated restaurant in a perfect location … maybe it’s your own dining room. Hiring a caterer to create your Valentine’s Day feast is another way to celebrate love in a flavorful and fuss-free way. Larry J in Garwood is one of the most exclusive caterers in New Jersey. So much so, you won’t find a website nor an Instagram account for them. Their decades-old business has been built solely on word-of-mouth reputation and repeat customers who constantly come back for more.

You also won’t find a pre-set catering menu, as Larry J meets with each client individually, creating a bespoke dining experience reflective of the couple’s palate. From his appetizers (his mini grilled cheese sandwiches are simply amazing) to his main dishes, you’re in for a tasty treat. Just when you think it doesn’t get better, you’ll discover that his staff cleaned everything and packed up the plates, silverware and glassware. 

In addition, Larry J is affiliated with Flower Art by Design Contempo in Westfield, providing one-stop shopping for beautiful flowers and a one-of-a-kind meal. 

For more information about Larry J, call 908-228-5850

What Happens on February 15th?

Waking up the morning after Valentine’s Day will most likely include a big smile on your face. The day before you created some memories you and your love will not soon forget. Romantic memories are so important in relationships, but so are creating new loving and starry-eyed moments. You lit a splendid fire on February 14th, and it’s your responsibility to keep that fire burning throughout the year. Between the two of you, there should be no problem working some romance into the 15th and the days after that. 

Cupid is counting on you — keep the love burning!

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