The New Jersey Orators, Inc. (NJO) is excited to announce the award of a COVID-19 Response Grant for $3,000 from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH). Not only as a partner, but we welcome NJCH into the New Jersey Orators family as their timely gift will support our recovery efforts and our NJO Virtual Programming for the fall.

“Eighty-two organizations were awarded $649,620 in emergency COVID-19 Response Grant funding. This funding will be crucial for the many organizations that are suffering across the state. These organizations, often the cherished cultural anchors in their communities, promote lifelong learning and the exploration of our history, cultures, values, and beliefs”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of all school activities, we had to cancel all spring on-site in-person chapter programming at all New Jersey Chapters, layoff key personnel, reschedule our 35th Anniversary Scholarship & Awards Gala, and cancel two spring annual statewide competitions. However, with this grant from NJCH we are able to sustain our program for the fall.

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We are committed to continuing to serve our youth at a time in which they so greatly need programs that further develop their skills of communication, presentation, and persuasion. With that in mind, we established our NJO Virtual Program Task Force that has researched the purchase of a virtual online Learning Management System application to support our weekly chapter activities, training workshops, and competitions for students. 

The NJCH Covid-19 Program Support Response Grant makes it possible for the continuation of our Orators’ oratorical and literacy programs to serve youth from 7-18 years of age for another 35 years. Thank you, New Jersey Council for the Humanities for your grant and partnership. 

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