Twitter is the new rage and New Jersey politicians who are not involved with it are behind the times. The networking site, launched in 2006, is now the subject of significant media attention, attracting millions of new subscribers every month. These subscribers range from the high-tech savvy to people just entering cyberspace for the first time. They are talkative and informed and my guess is that they vote, in large numbers.

Twitter is a basic concept that is transforming communication and social networking in this country and around the world. It simply asks, "What are you doing?" Replies, which can run the gamut from "eating" to "reading the following article about the fall of the global economy…", are limited to 140 characters and can be accomplished by instant messaging, mobile texting, or through the internet.

At a recent meeting of the Republican National Committee (RNC), candidates for RNC Chair discussed the importance of the internet and of social networking sites. They attempted to outdo each other by asserting bragging rights regarding which of the candidates had the most Followers on Twitter or the most Friends on Facebook.

A number of U.S. Senators and many Congressmen are on Twitter. Unfortunately, few New Jersey legislators are participants. That's a big mistake -- Garden State politicians would do well by getting involved. By joining Twitter, politicians are able to promote themselves at no charge and can also provide a platform for their ideas and proposals. In addition, used properly, they can attract many Followers, enough to be a strong base of support and perhaps a wonderful avenue for campaign volunteers and donors. Anyone who is thinking of running for office should seriously consider getting involved with the Twitter revolution before it passes him/her by.

The Twitter revolution has begun. New Jersey's politicos would be well-served by joining it now before it overtakes them.