I heard about the situation of my hometown's Police Department facing layoffs through a support/cause group on the social networking website, Facebook. The group entitled, "Support Laid Off New Providence Police Officers" stated that the Borough of New Providence served layoff notices to two members of the Police Department recently. According to the site, the officers are to be laid off effective July 1st, 2009.

Just exactly how much money do they expect to save by laying off these two officers?

I bet there's some *real* dead wood somewhere in the government that could use pruning. I might suggest looking at the Board of Education and School Administration first. I don't consider emergency services to be a candidate. I'd rather see all the administrators get furloughed for a couple of weeks and put that money toward the two officers. Close the town hall an extra day each week for a few months and see if that helps.

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I grew up in New Providence and God knows the taxes are HIGH enough. I'm kind of glad my parents aren't living anymore. The town where they raised the family and made their home back in the 1940's no longer exists in substance or ideology. It's unfortunate.

From what I've read, there are only two officers per shift in New Providence.  I'm sorry, but two officers per shift in this metro-suburb is inadequate.