NEWTON, NJ—The 19 players that make up the Newton Youth Team gathered with their families at the Town Council meeting on Monday, to be recognized for their undefeated 10-0 season.

Mayor Helen LeFois gave the public some background information about the team before reading the proclamation in their honor and handing each player a certificate of achievement.

“We are all very proud of our Newton High School Football team for what they have accomplished over the past few years, but that would not have been possible if there wasn’t a great youth football program where they came from,” LeFois said.

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The team, under the coaching staff of Head Coach Adam Guerra, Assistant Coach Pete Ferdenzi, Assistant Coach Dan Nolan, Assistant Coach Teddy Sibblies, Assistant Coach Jeff LaCorte, and Assistant Coach Dennis Mellio, practiced five days a week, for two hours a day, staring on August 1 and going all the way until early November. A few Saturday or Sunday games got stuck in there also.

Newton’s eighth grade team dominated the Morris County Youth Football League and won the league title with an undefeated record of 10-0. They accomplished this extraordinary feat with 19 boys on the roster, the fewest in the league.

The Morris County Youth Football League is comprised of Newton, Wayne, Randolph, Vernon, Jefferson, Hackettstown, Denville, Mount Olive, Mendham, Madison and Long Valley.

Newton beat Wayne 38-19 in the semifinals.  They went up against Randolph for the Championship, winning 30-6. Both Wayne and Randolph had nearly twice the number of players than Newton.

LeFrois shared the team’s season statistics; Newton outscored their opponents by a margin of 319-82, won 16 games straight dating back to last season and over their six years of playing tackle football this group of players has a record of 58-6.

Guerra has coached most of the players since second grade. One of the players, Robert McCullough, is the nephew of Police Officer/Emergency Management Coordinator Ken Teets. McCullough was the kicker and quarterback of the team.

The Proclamation also spoke about the program itself saying that the “Newton Town Council members recognize the benefits our youth derive by participating in organized sports and the Youth Football Program provides the youngsters of Newton a opportunity to participate in an organized sport during the school year.”

The Mayor and the entire town council proclaimed their congratulations to the Newton Youth Football team for their “outstanding talent and accomplishments and wished them continued success in the future.”

The 19 players of the Newton Youth Football Team:

  • #3 Robert McCullough
  • #21 Matt May
  • #44 Brody Guerra
  • #68 Michael Troutman
  • #86 Aiden Akturk
  • #10 Evan Robinson
  • #22 Mike Mellilo
  • #52 Matt Mclean
  • #70 Billy Greenhalgh
  • #92 Dominick Goscia
  • #17 Jake Benitz
  • #32 Brayden Nolan
  • #56 Aiden LaCorte
  • #78 Rylan Ivaldi
  • #99 Devontae Venable
  • #13 Dominic Ferdenzi
  • #33 Taylor Sibbles
  • #66 Claudio Ibarra
  • #81 Pasquale Festa

Guerra thanked the council for their recognition of the team and their support throughout the seasons.