Imagine a store where everything comes in your size and it was available to you anytime you needed. Sounds like a dream come true right? Carmen Bucco and his Mobile Boutique have turned this fantasy into a reality.

Bucco Couture has expanded the reach of its world-class bespoke and ready-to-wear custom-tailoring expertise with a new mobile boutique designed specifically to cater to the fine garment needs of sophisticated male buyers located in homes and offices throughout the tri-state area and Connecticut. Customers need only make an appointment to meet with a master tailor and design a single suit or entire wardrobe from scratch and/or sample a complete line of ready-to-wear designer clothing ranging from shirts and jackets to slacks, shoes and ties – all from the privacy and convenience of their own driveway. 

The Mobile Boutique by Bucco Couture brings luxury clothing and expert fitting to your home or office. The Mobile Boutique offers a personalized shopping experience unlike any you would find at a traditional department store. The boutique has a luxurious European style interior, as well as a full dressing room. On board the master fitters are available to take clients measurements and create custom pieces and full suits tailored to the clients. Fabric samples as well as ready-made pieces are available depending on the client’s needs.

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“Our policy emphasizes superior quality and guaranteed workmanship at reasonable prices,” says Carmen Bucco, founder and owner of Bucco Couture. “Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We created this service for the sophisticated buyer, who craves the elegance provided by a custom fit and does not enjoy the hassles of dealing with uninformed clerks in crowded shops and malls.

“Everything we do centers on perfection. Our master tailors have more than 70 years combined experience and design each garment with luxury fabrics from companies including Barberis, Zegna, Loro Piana Holland & Sherry and Pal Zileri. Our ready-made line was developed for people that either can’t find what they want or if they do it is not the right size. As a result, we now offer a solution that enables a customer to choose from hundreds of fabrics and more than 15 different jack and pant styles. Plus, each client’s fit is guaranteed or they receive a full refund. No other clothier takes as much pride in his work as we do.

”The Bucco Couture experience. A full set of measurements is taken by an experienced clothier who will then help you select fabrics and styling to best fit your lifestyle.” Says President Carmen Bucco

”The Bucco Couture experience starts with a step into the company’s luxury Mercedes van outfitted with custom cabinetry, a complete line of male garments, full-length mirror and even amenities like hot and cold beverages. Once inside, master tailors take the time to learn about the lifestyle of each individual client to make discernable and informed fine wardrobe suggestions on everything from suits to jeans. Next, a full set of measurements is taken to assess each nuance of the customer’s body from the slope of his shoulder to the wrist on which he wears his watch.  

Bespoke garments are also individually patterned to unique body shapes and hand-crafted to enhance every feature. This differs greatly from the cookie-cutter process of ready-to-wear which uses standardized sizing to fit the masses, or made-to-measure which is produced to order from a block pattern. Furthermore the bespoke process ensures the creation of high-quality garments made from the finest materials that lasts for years. 

In addition to custom clothing the boutique also offers accessories to complete the look. Ties, cufflinks, shoes, and even cologne are all fully stocked for the customers convince. No other clothing will be able to compare that the luxury custom made garments by Bucco Couture.

Carmen created his business with the belief that customers should be valued and taken care of. He takes pride in dressing his individuals one by one as well as educating them about how to dress. Allowing customers to focus on their family and work lives while he takes care of their clothing needs is something he takes great pride in. Bucco Couture is continuing to expand across the East Coast with their custom made and ready-made lines.


Bucco Couture is a luxury custom and ready-made clothing business that is expanding on the East Coast. Look forward to their second truck and a franchise opportunity.  Master fitters come directly to your home or office to measure and evaluate your individual needs. Future plans are bright for this small business entrepreneur, with hopes to start making clothing right here in NJ.   For more information go to