ORLANDO, FL -- Caldwell, New Jersey native Dave Ammirata reflected on the past decade working with high-profile media clients at East Main Media. After graduating from Duquesne University, Ammirata was hired as an assistant editor and engineer in 2011 and has since become an indispensable member of the EMM team.

"When I think about when I came and met with you the first time in Montclair," Ammirata told Brodeur, “it's pretty crazy to think that was a decade ago."

Ammirata served in a variety of roles during his first years at EMM, and after being promoted to senior editor, he was responsible for delivery of over 150 broadcast television episodes annually for several years.

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In 2019, Ammirata's wife accepted a job in Orlando, Florida, and instead of parting ways, East Main Media decided to open a Florida office and maintain its successful relationship with its talented senior editor. 

"Coming down here and taking that leap has worked out really well for us," Ammirata explained. "It's just different because you're not getting that experience of going into the office every day."

When businesses began to shut down in March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, East Main Media was already highly experienced with virtual workflow and data transfer due to Ammirata's ongoing remote work. EMM’s production and client services went fully remote on Friday, March 13th, and were 100% functional on Monday, March 16th, with all staff members working from home.

Prior to the pandemic, East Main Media was planning to expand their Orlando offices to include dedicated studio space and additional staff. Plans are on hold temporarily, although Brodeur and Ammirata continue to strategize closely with EMM Senior Producer, Kayla Steinmetz, to pursue the expansion once COVID-19 has receded.

East Main Media also saw a long-time public broadcasting client struggle with the challenges presented by COVID-19, and after many years of partnership, that relationship ended. Brodeur asked Ammirata how he adapted to the change in his routine. "Of course, if you work with a client as long as we did, and that was your every day—that was my 40 hours a week. Every single day was dedicated to that one client," Ammirata said. "My day-to-day has changed a lot, but it’s good to flex different types of muscles as an editor because I'm still learning things and using different skills."

Ammirata shared advice for recent college graduates looking to enter creative fields. "Make sure you're passionate about what you do—no matter what it is, because if you don't have any of that fuel to your fire to make you want to do it, it won't happen," Ammirata explained. "Make sure you have the passion, and if you don't, find the thing you do have that passion for, and use it, and you'll be successful."

For more information about Dave Ammirata and East Main Media, visit: www.EastMainMedia.com