LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Harry Legg, Founder of New Jersey Tai Chi, joined Brian Brodeur, TAPintoTV Executive Producer, at East Main Media Studios to discuss and demystify the practice of tai chi, while also demonstrating some of the martial art’s moves in the studio. 

“Most people may not realize tai chi is a deadly martial art,” said Legg, “but you might wonder how does a deadly martial art have all these health benefits?” 

Most martial arts, like taekwondo and karate, Legg explained, use a lot of muscle tension, while tai chi works in the opposite way. “It works through softness, then relaxation, on a much deeper level than most people would ever realize is possible,” he said. 

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Legg stressed the importance of learning not only the basic movements of tai chi, but also to have a knowledge of the martial art side of the practice. According to Legg, if one only knows the moves of tai chi, they are not learning about its underlying energy and full power. 

Tai chi is well-known for its evidence-based benefits for disorders such as arthritis, hypertension and Parkinson’s disease, among others ailments. With a holistic understanding of tai chi, “you have an idea of what the movements do,” said Legg. “Without that, you’re missing out of some of the health benefits.” 

Legg has been hosting webinars on to demonstrate how to tap into the energy of tai chi. Taking principles from the martial art, he has put together a program that brings to light problems with alignment, tension and how to effectively relax. “It makes a massive difference,” said Legg. 

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