RAHWAY, NJ - Formally celebrated on December 1, 'World AIDS Day' is an opportunity for people across the globe to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people with HIV, and remember those who have died from an HIV-related illness.

In that spirit -- and to honor 'World AIDS Day' -- the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders is sponsoring 'No Day But Today', a musical theatre concert performed at the Union County Performing Arts Center which will be livestreamed -- the virtual performance, produced by the Union County Performing Arts Center, will support the work of Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and is scheduled for Saturday, December 19 at 7:00 PM.

Virtual tickets are $20 per streaming device and are available by visiting ucpac.org/NoDayButToday.

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The No Day But Today live stream performance is produced by the Union County Performing Arts Center and directed by Brian Remo, Executive Director of the UCPAC. It features an impressive list of 14 local artists who share the passion and urgency for raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic including: Nikki Ashe, Nicole Bosc, Daisha Davis, Lyle Dungee, Julie Galorenzo, Maleesa Lamatina, Shane Long, Mike Mags, Taye McQueen, Jared Milian, Joe Piserchio, Lawrence E. Street, Kyrus Keenan Westcott, and Howard Whitmore.

Hyacinth is New Jersey's largest and first established HIV service organization. Originally founded to help individuals diagnosed with AIDS to die with dignity and not alone, Hyacinth now has seven offices throughout the state, inclusive of an office in Plainfield focused on education, prevention, and providing resources for people to LIVE with HIV. Hyacinth has led New Jersey’s response to the epidemic and has been an integral community partner in the development and implementation of public health policies and services.

"Our mission at Hyacinth is to help people live with HIV, stop the spread of the epidemic, and serve as a critical voice in the public debate surrounding AIDS in New Jersey," said Kathy O’Brien, Hyacinth Executive Director. “We at Hyacinth are honored to work with the Freeholder Board and the UCPAC to use the art of musical theatre to bring attention to the facts about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in New Jersey.”

No Day But Today is organized in collaboration with the Union County Office of LGBTQ Affairs, under the Department of Economic Development. The Office of LGBTQ Affairs, was established by the Freeholder Board in 2018 and is the first and only county government office of its kind in the State of New Jersey.

The Office of LGBTQ Affairs provides a platform for leadership and collaboration to support equality, and serves as a catalyst for advocacy, awareness and action on current and emerging issues that impact the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals.

For more information about the Office of LGBTQ Affairs, call Danni Newbury at 908-527-4742, contact dnewbury@ucnj.org, or visit ucnj.org/LGBTQ.