RANDOLPH, NJ. The township council adopted an ordinance prohibiting short term rentals of residential buildings at its Thursday, May 16, meeting.

Township Manager Stephen Mountain explained the ordinance came about because of complaints in more than one neighborhood.

Two houses were rented out for weekends using apps. The neighbors complained of garbage on their lawns and cars coming and going at all hours.

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Council members weren’t comfortable with imposing regulations on homeowners, but decided the problems that come with weekend rentals outweighed those concerns.

Residents attended the council meeting on March 7 to describe all-night parties with Uber drivers coming and going.

The ordinance was adopted with no public comment, although there were a few people in the audience, and no discussion from the council. It prohibits renting single-family detached dwelling for less than 30 days. The ordinance reads, in part: “it has been the Township’s experience that Short Term Rentals frequently result in public nuisance, noise complaints, sanitation issues, overcrowding and illegal parking.” The ordinance specifies detached dwelling because town house communities generally have their own regulations, Mayor James Loveys said at the Thursday, May 2 meeting. Loveys was not at the May 16 meeting, which was chaired by Deputy Mayor Christine Carey.

Also at the meeting, council promoted Rachita Chandak from alternate one to regular member of the Economic Development Commission. Joe Fisher moved up from alternate two to alternate one and George Garcia III moved from student member to alternate two.

Councilwoman Joanne Veech announced that 88 people signed up for beds in the community garden this summer. She said 70 attended an educational session about the garden.

Veech said scouts from the township will help build bluebird houses for the community garden and do some other work on the property.