APRIL 7, 2021 – NEWTON, NJ — Despite 2020 proving to be a very non-traditional and challenging year, the Greater Newton Chamber of Commerce continues its tradition of honoring local individuals, organizations and businesses for their contributions to our community with its Annual Awards. Nominations will be accepted until the end of the month.

“The GNCC acknowledges that--despite the difficulties faced during the first year of this pandemic--many people and businesses made significant achievements,” said GNCC Executive Director Michele Egan. “We want to ensure these efforts are recognized and appreciated.”

Awards are given for activities completed in 2020. The categories include:

  • Beautification Award: A business or individual who has done the most to beautify their business or area within the Greater Newton Area.
  • Community Service Award: A business or organization donating the most (in terms of time, talent and/or money) to non-work-related endeavors. These may include civic, non-profit, not-for-profit and/or faith-related organizations.
  • Chamber Member of the Year: A GNCC member who has done outstanding work for the good of the Chamber during the year.
  • Don Meng Volunteer Award: An individual who donates the most (in terms of time, talent and/or money) to non-work-related endeavors. These may include civic, non-profit, not-for-profit, and/or faith-related organizations.
  • New Business of the Year: A new business opened during the last year in the greater Newton area that shows one or more of many qualities. Uniqueness counts as does appeal of the location, ability to fill a need, enthusiasm of the owner and staff and other qualities which can be determined by the person placing a business in nomination.
  • Ture Lyzell Memorial Award: A lifetime achievement award for dedication and service to improving the greater Newton area.

Nominations can be submitted until April 30th at www.GreaterNewtonCC.com.

About Greater Newton Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Newton Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and professional people in Sussex County working together to enhance economic development, community improvement, and civic responsibility. We are a non-profit organization whose major concern and commitment is to further the interest of the business community in the greater Newton area. For more information, visit www.GreaterNewtonCC.com.