Not that long ago, a plastic surgeon had little besides a scalpel to use as a tool. Nowadays skin care professionals can wield a variety of light sabers – actually lasers – that can restore a more youthful appearance and create healthier skin. This laser and other light base technologies are revolutionizing cosmetic treatments for hair removal and an array of skin conditions.

Today’s cosmetic lasers – sometimes called "facelift lasers" – feature specific frequency ranges and other technologies designed for specific applications. For example, the ProWave intense pulsed light device is designed for hair removal, and can permanently reduce hair on large areas of the body, such as the back or legs. The Cutera CoolGlide laser is also used for hair removal, and is also used to remove unsightly spider veins and capillaries in the face and body as well as eliminate blood blisters and port win stains. For patients with brown spots or pigmentation caused by sun damage on the face, neck and chest, or who suffer from rosacea, the LimeLite intense pulsed light device can alleviate skin discoloration. And for overall improvement of complexion, the Pearl Fractional Laser is a new anti-aging skin care breakthrough. Titan and Laser Genesis also target specific areas of the body to remove wrinkles and tighten skin. These procedures are almost like a non-surgical facelift – and of course there are no facelift scars.

A board certified plastic surgeon can help you determine which of these options are best for you. Here at the Peer Laser Center, serving Millburn, Short Hills, Morristown, Essex and Union Counties and all of northern New Jersey, we offer a comprehensive range of light based skin resurfacing and skin care procedures. If you’re interested in having a more youthful appearance, we recommend calling or emailing your skin care professional today to schedule a consultation.