“What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.”
 ~ Henry Adams

I recently signed on as an expert for a new online health and wellness product warehouse.  As their expert for healthy eating and healthy cooking, one of my roles was to help them with the product selection in their food department.  I loved this project!

In choosing items, of course I wanted things that would taste great and be nourishing. I wanted things that were real food…as unrefined as possible, non-GMO and organic whenever possible. My other consideration was the social responsibility of the companies who make these products.

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While I’ve always felt the last criteria to be important, its importance has been highlighted recently as California has a proposition on the ballot to require labeling of GMO food which does not currently have to be labeled in the United States. The reason why it’s been highlighted is because of who is putting their money towards the support of Proposition 37 and who is putting their money towards defeating it.

You see, many of the organic companies whose products we buy thinking that we are doing the best thing for ourselves, our families and the earth are owned by big corporations who are doing things behind the scenes that are not in line with these values. Their organic brand appears to stand for one thing and then they are doing something that we as consumers probably do not expect with our money that we spend on their products.


That’s right, they are actually spending lots of money to make sure that we as consumers don’t have the right to know what’s in our food.

So if I have the chance to choose where I spend my money (and I do), I am going with the company that supports organic values rather than the company who is just exploiting them.  I wanted to make sure that you could make an educated choice too!

If you’d like to talk more about this or anything related to your ability to eat real food on a regular basis, send me an email.