Ogdensburg Historical Society To Hold Candidate's Night

Councilman Andrews, Borough Clerk Phyllis Drouin, Councilmen McGuire, Amodeo, Mayor Steve Ciasullo, Councilmen Hann and Opilla Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Ogdensburg resident Cliff Lowe, from BSA Troop #187, Hardyston Credits: Jennifer Murphy

OGDENSBURG, NJ – The Ogdensburg Historical Society (OHS) will be holding a Candidate’s Night on October 16, 2012, at the Ogdensburg Fire House, advised OHS President Jean Castimore, at the Monday, September 10 borough council meeting. 

“Knowledge is power,” said Castimore. “It will be an informative night. We are non-partisan, so we stay neutral.” 

After the meeting, OHS Trustee John Kibildis confirmed that the following candidates will be attending:  the 11th Congressional District John Arvanites, (D); Freeholder candidates Gail Phoebus (R), Dennis Mudrick (R), Jim Tighe (D), and Susan Williams (D); three Borough Council candidates competing for two seats, David Astor (R), George Hutnick (R), and Michael Blahut (D); and the two Ogdensburg Board of Education candidates who are running unopposed, Ricardo Rojas and Nina Sutera. 

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Republican Congressional incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen has been invited, but has not yet responded.

Kibildis explained, “We make the candidates feel comfortable. Ogdensburg residents will have the opportunity to be the first to ask questions of the candidates.”

The Historical Society has been sponsoring a Candidate’s Night since the 1980’s. Usual attendance is between 75 to 80 people.

Councilman Bill Andrews reported that the dispatching contract with Sparta will be up in December 2012.  The Borough currently pays $50,600 to Sparta for this service. Andrews inquired into the centralized dispatching that will be done by the Sheriff’s Department, countywide, but it won’t be available until next summer. Newton is also able to supply the service, but will require a great deal of information to assess whether they could handle the borough's needs with their current staff.

Clifford Lowe, a member of Boy Scout Troop #187, explained to the council that a Hardyston youth, Christopher Peterson, is looking to earn his Eagle Scout rank by fixing up the pavilion at Heater’s Pond. The mayor welcomed his contribution and said he is looking forward to hearing more about the plans. 

Lowe also asked about the Borough’s response to the Littlell Center’s correspondence. The Littell Center is looking to set up contracts with the towns which use the building, to share expenses.  At this time, any youth involved in a program there that comes from a town without this agreement, will be charged a possible $50 more to participate, than those whose towns share the expenses.  Ogdensburg does not have such an agreement. Lowe explained that it is difficult to get participation with the extra fees. Mayor Steve Ciasullo invited Lowe to investigate the Ogdensburg Fire Department for a new location.

Councilman Robert McGuire reported that the budget was short on the lifeguard pay for the guards at Heater’s Pond. An increase in pay over last year was one part of the problem, another was the extra time needed to cover swim team meets. McGuire will approach the Ogdensburg Recreation Association to recoup the fees. 

Councilman William Andrews reported he received information regarding the drowning death of the four-year-old in Lafayette last month.  The police will be pulling cell phone records of the lifeguards to see if they were using the phones while on duty at the time of the drowning.  Council agreed to specify in the lifeguard contract for next year that no cell phone use or texting will be allowed while on duty.

Ciasullo reported that there are 43 remaining houses which need water meters installed. Councilman Peter Opilla reported there are 30 meters left in stock. Ciasullo urged the DPW to prioritize this project.

Ciasullo asked borough attorney Michael Garofalo about the clothing bins popping up. Garofalo said the town can pass an ordinance requiring owners to obtain a permit, and mandate their name and phone number is on the bin, in case they need to be contacted.

Councilman John Hann asked for a headcount of which officials were planning to attend the Sussex County Fireman’s Parade, held in Ogdensburg on October 6.  All but Andrews plan to attend. The road closing permits are all completed.

Patricia Sabourin invited the council to support the Pig Roast to benefit the Ogdensburg Emergency Squad on Saturday, October 13.  Tickets are $27 for adults, $15 for children aged 5 through 15.  The mayor responded he will put the dates on the borough’s Facebook Page, to help advertise it.

Sabourin also thanked everyone for their prayers and support for her three-year-old granddaughter, Maya Gordon.  She has been treated again for her Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), and will be returning to Philadelphia this week for a bone marrow transplant.

The Council approved Matthew C. Briggs’ application into the N.J. State Firemen’s Association.

Other dates from the Ogdensburg Historical Society:

Tuesday, October 10 -  Ethnic Dinner at 6pm at the Ogdensburg Elementary School.

Saturday, October 13, and Sunday, October 14 - Open House at the Ogdensburg Schoolhouse Museum from 10am to 4pm.

Saturday, October 20 - Scrap metal drive at the DPW site on Brooks Flat Road.

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