Oops! My New Carpet Is Acting Funny!


Oops!  My new carpet is acting funny!

First, don’t worry. The following situations are perfectly normal and can be dealt with simply. 

1.  Shedding – Balls of fluff take a while to work themselves out.  Most carpets retain loose fibers.  Before long, the problem will vanish.  Your carpet is not going to pieces.

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2.  Sprouting – a loose tuft may grow above the surface.  Don’t yank it out.  Simply snip the offending end even with the surface.

3.  Shading – Light reflects differently as the pile of the rug is pushed in different directions.  There can be variations in color.  It’s just part of the natural beauty of carpet.  Sweep or vacuum the pile in a uniform direction.  This is the best solution.

4.  Rippling – The culprit to rippling is probably humidity.  Carpet needs to settle in.  But, if this is happening in a dry atmosphere, it may need to be restretched.

5.  Static Electricity – When house humidity is low, static changes can build up as you walk across it.  Then when you touch something metal, you get zapped!  Give it time.  Your carpet will hold less of a charge over time.  There are also products you can buy to reduce electric buildup.

6. Crushing – Your carpet will display crushing wherever there is a heavy object.  To raise the pile back, do some vigorous brushing.

So, no need to say “oops”!  But, if you’re still uncertain about your new carpet and in need of some suggestions, contact Cramers Carpet One, and we’ll help you with anything you need to know.

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