I would like to express my gratitude for our mayor, Jim Baldassare, and commit my support for him in the upcoming election.

At the beginning of the lockdown in March, on a whim, I decided to start a COVID support effort to assist the most vulnerable residents in our community.  I knew just a handful of people in town and, having stayed out of local politics, quite honestly was not even sure who the mayor was.  As a working mom, a caregiver for octogenarians, and a volunteer for NJ adoptees’ issues, I had so much on my plate that the most I had ever became involved with was baking cupcakes for my daughter’s sports team and writing checks for fundraisers.

When I started Basking Ridge Helping Basking Ridge, Mayor Baldassare contacted me within 48 hours of us going live.  At that stage, neither of us knew if it was going to get any traction.  All that mattered is that we both wanted to help people.  

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I was given immediate access to the mayor over texts and phone calls.   He checked in with me constantly and even volunteered to help deliver on various residents’ requests for assistance.  He also alerted his campaign team and members of the Township Council who showed up at my door with groceries and gift cards for those in need.

He realized through all this that vulnerability could happen to anyone and at any time during and even after, the pandemic.  He then worked with our volunteer team to establish a hotline for seniors, providing one central number at the municipal office so that help requests could be tracked and funneled to various established local organizations.  

Jim did not want to be a hero--he wanted to be a supporter behind the scenes and get things done.  Today, I am proud to say I KNOW who my mayor is and I KNOW that he is doing a phenomenal job, which is why I will be voting to re-elect Jim Baldassare to the Township Council for Bernards Township.