New York, NY—It was another busy 17th Precinct Community Council meeting where the Council’s President, Matt Roberts, and the NYPD’s 17 Precinct Commanding Officer, Captain Aaron Edwards, discussed the latest crime statistics, while also recognizing two 17th Precinct Police Officers for resuscitating a female patron at a local restaurant.

Overall, crime is down 42 percent in the NYPD’s 17th Precinct for the past 28 days compared to the same period last year.

According to Captain Edwards, the crime categories that were down include:

Robbery: 2 vs. 3

Burglaries: 8 vs. 16

Grand Larceny: 27 vs. 60

The crime categories that saw an uptick.

Felony Assaults: 8 vs. 3

Grand Larceny Auto: 4 vs. 2

He then provided some context to the numbers. For example, two of the grand larceny auto thefts occurred at a private parking garage, one was poached from the street and another was a rental car that wasn’t returned. One individual, who is a person of interest, is responsible for two of the auto thefts from the parking garage.  

“He rode a scooter into an underground lot and found a BMW with the keys in it, and he started to drive out, but the attendant was smart. He realized something was up, so he closed the gate. But the individual crashes through the gate, drives erratically for a few blocks and then ultimately crashes into several parked cars, and then flees the scene,” said Captain Edwards.

But thanks to the work of the 17th Precinct’s Detective Squad, led by Sergeant Tom Black, they were able to gather video footage of the individual and currently the NYPD’s Warrant Squad is searching for him.

Roberts then noted that’s it been at least a year since the Precinct has been able to recognize the “Cop of the Month,” obviously due to the public health emergency. But joining the Community Council meeting virtually were Police Officers Elizabeth Perez and Sabah Ali, who are being recognized for their effort in saving a woman’s life.

According to Captain Edwards, Police Officers Perez and Ali, on Tuesday, January 5, at about 2:30 pm, responded to a call of an unconscious female inside the Panda Express at E 51st Street and 3rd Avenue. When they arrived, the female was at a table unconscious and not breathing.

“They laid her down and began giving rescue breaths and administered CPR. The female regained consciousness, began to breath, and they awaited EMS’s arrival for her to be transported to the hospital. It’s safe to say that Officer Ali and Officer Perez saved a life, and we just want to recognize them and say good job to both of you,” said Captain Edwards.

Captain Edwards asked both Officers Perez and Ali if they wanted to provide some words as a result of the precinct’s recognition.  

Officer Ali welcomed the opportunity, saying that he and Perez show up every day to do their best.  

“I just want to say that I’m very thankful that I’m working in a command that has a community that is very supportive, that has always shown appreciation for what we do, and that is something that I honestly appreciate,” said Ali.

“It makes me happy to come to work every single day knowing that I am working for a community that isn’t shy of showing support and telling us thank you, and for that I’m very thankful and very appreciative.”

Similarly, Perez thanked the community.

“I also appreciate the outstanding support from the community, it’s a great community to work for,” said Perez.

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