PARKLAND, FL- The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is everywhere, and nearly everyone has been affected in some way by the spread of COVID-19. The Russinoff family has experienced the Coronavirus in their own unique way, feeling the impact from multiple directions at the same time. They've certainly experienced the social impact of living in Parkland and having three school-aged boys that are now home all day. But they've also had an up close and personal experience with COVID-19, contracting and recovering from the virus as well during the past month. 

Dr. Ian Russinoff is an ER doctor at an area hospital, and in late March began to develop a cough and was feeling fatigue beyond normal work exhaustion. He was treating patients with the Coronavirus at the time, so they decided to test him for COVID-19. The results came back positive, so Russinoff was quarantined for 3 consecutive weeks at their Parkland home.

"It was certainly concerning when Ian came down with the virus, but Ian was already living in the guest room and social distancing from the family, as he was treating people with the virus," said Russinoff's wife, Tzvia. She and their three boys weren't able to spend any time with Ian over the weeks of quarantine, as they were relegated to saying hello from across the house and dropping food off at Ian's door. Russinoff stayed plenty busy while in quarantine, doing whatever he could to help out remotely at the hospital since he felt strong enough to continue working.

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During the quarantine, the family was supported immensely by their neighbors and the local community. 

"Our neighbors have been tremendous," said Tzvia. "It seemed every day we had meals provided and support showing up from the people that surround us. We feel very blessed and uplifted to live in our community."

Once Dr. Russinoff had finished the mandated quarantine time, he was eligible to be tested for recovery. The first test came back negative, and the second time he tested negative as well. After two negative tests, a patient is considered to be recovered from the virus and eligible to get back to "normal" life, which still involves social distancing.

Dr. Russinoff is now back to his regular caseload, treating and helping patients as usual. No other members of the Russinoff family have come down with symptoms of the virus, and they are thankful for their health. At the same time, Tzvia Russinoff has also helped her husband and family walk through this season, and they are coming out stronger from the experience.

"I feel more confident now than I did eight weeks ago," adds Tzvia. "We know what to expect from the virus, and we've come a long way in learning how to deal with COVID-19. While the Coronavirus has been a global pandemic on a scale we've never witnessed, I am more confident in our ability to persevere through this season than I ever was before."