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Peak Medical, a Multi-Disciplined Medical Center, Offers Pain Relief


BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Patients walk in the doors at Peak Medical to get to the root of the problem using a more holistic approach to medicine to treat pain. Peak is a multi-doctor, multi-disciplined medical center that offers chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology.  

Dr. Michael Carbone purchased Dr. Edward Burstein's chiropractic empire, known as Berkeley Heights Chiropractic Center, four years ago and expanded the disciplines. Along with the existing Chiropractic business, Dr. Carbone added traditional medical doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, applied kinesiology and nutrition to become Peak Medical. 

Focusing on total body wellness, Peak Medical has become the one-stop facility to treat patients through all disciplines under one roof in a family-style setting.  

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"It's about the relationship and human touch of putting the patient first. From the time the patient walks in the door, treated in the front, go through their disciplines, come out and make their appointment -- they are happy and smiling," said office manager Annette Quandt.  "We create the wow factor. It's all about them, we concentrate on relieving their stress so they can get better."

"We are about finding out the issue and why the pain is occurring all of the time. We are not the place to send you off or give you a prescription for a drug that acts as a Band-Aid for the issue," said Quandt.

Peak Medical's multi-discipline medical approach sets them apart from straight chiropractic offices. "We can treat a patient's ankle, neck and any complaint.  All is offered under one roof," said Rachel Zouvelekis, director of operations.  

"Acupuncture is growing," said Zouvelekis. There is no pain involved in the procedure with fewer adverse effects than many standard drug treatments, according to Peak Medical's website.  "We recommend all three disciplines (physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture) for the best outcome," said Zouvelekis.    

Dr. Vijay Dasika, neurologist on staff, consults with the patient and through nerve testing develops a therapy structure directing the treatment to the specific nerves that are damaged to relieve pain. 

"Everyone works together for the betterment of the patient," said Dr. Margaret Head, DPT. "We are always discussing what can we do to make it a better experience for the patient, how can we improve the outcome -- always working together."

Another area of diagnosis offered at Peak Medical uses Applied Kinesiology (AK) Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) together with Applied Clinical Nutrition for patients seeking safe, alternative solutions for their health problems.  

"We use muscle testing which is a window into the nervous system," said Dr. Robert Dorn, DC. "By determining which reflexes are weak or strong, one can accurately determine the individuals nutritional physical and or structural needs. With this capability, it becomes possible to provide long-term preventive health care, based on the positive foundation of good nutritional supplementation programs. AKA/CRA is for the person who is seeking safer, more natural alternatives to their health problems," said Dorn. 

The majority of Peak Medical patients are either prior patients or referrals by patients and word of mouth. "When patients are referring their family members and friends, then I know we're doing our job," Head said.

Peak Medical is located at 492 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. Contact the office by calling (908) 665-0770.


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