In our last blog we mentioned the importance of consulting with a skin care professional who can explain your skin careoptions and give you advice based on your skin type, skin condition and other factors. If the consultant is affiliated with a cosmetic medicine practice, make sure the facility offers a complete range of professional skin care procedures, so you can have absolute confidence you’re not being steered into one procedure because the facility doesn’t offer a more appropriate treatment, due to lack of necessary equipment or expertise. For the record, here at The Peer Group in northern New Jersey, consultations with our trained skin care specialists includes a Visia Complexion Analysis, a complete evaluation of your skin, and our board certified plastic surgeons are experienced with every form of cosmetic therapy and procedure.

If your skin care consultation concludes the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth are showing signs of aging – among the first facial areas where symptoms of aging skin appear – your consultant may recommend the Pearl Fractional Laser treatments. The Pearl Fractional is uniquely effective in treating these delicate areas. The Pearl fractional is a new, fractional, single treatment laser designed to improve imperfections caused by aging and sun damage. Treatment with the Pearl Fractional improves fine lines and wrinkles. It offers the best combination of maximum results, rapid recovery, patient safety and operating history. After their skin care treatments with Pearl, patients report noticing a smoother, brighter complexion overall.

It’s called fractional therapy because the non-invasive cosmetic treatment affects only a small percentage, or fraction, of the skin. With Pearl Fractional, the laser pulses treat damaged cells deep in the skin. This shortens healing time while stimulating the body’s own process for creating collagen. The skin is rejuvenated from below, reversing photo aging and other imperfections. The treatment can be used on the entire face in addition to areas around the eyes and mouth. In some cases, your Plastic Surgeon may recommend combining the Pearl for removing the surface damage and the Pearl Fractional for improving the fine lines and wrinkles.  If you’re ready for an anti-aging breakthrough like this and live in Livingston, Patterson, Millburn, Florham Park or anywhere in northern New Jersey, contact The Peer Group and schedule a consultation with one of our skin care professionals.