A personal emergency response system is a helpful tool that can allow vulnerable older adults to remain independently in their own homes. These devices help maintain independence by offering access to emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the push of a button.

Margarida Matos, Program Director of LSC Medcom Lifeline, a division of Saint Barnabas Health Care System, explains that a personal emergency response system works by having an individual wear a help button (can be a pendant or a wrist band). When a person pushes the help button this activates the "communicator," a unit that is set up through the home phone line and allows for a two-way conversation with a trained representative. The representative is able to assess the situation and dispatch emergency personnel, if necessary. According to Ms. Matos, "with a touch of a button, help is on its way."

In addition to personal emergency response systems, companies are constantly introducing new technologies such as medication dispenser systems for individuals who have difficulty adhering to their medication regimen. Like a personal emergency response system, these devices promote independence and safer living environments for older adults while offering peace of mind to their families and loved ones.