MADISON, NJ - Students from Piscataway High School were among the nine high schools competing in the annual Hydrogen Car Challenge, sponsored by TransOptions.

The 13th Annual Hydrogen Car Challenge took place at New Providence Middle School with the objective of promoting education and foster student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, (STEM).

“The Hydrogen Car Challenge is a big part of our ongoing commitment to environmental education, sustainable fuel technology and supporting students who wish to explore careers in related fields. We always look forward to hosting the challenge with support from our sponsors and schools,” said TransOptions President Dan Callas.

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Prior to race day, students were tasked with forming teams, designing a model car, logging their work in a progress journal and learning how to run their model cars on hydrogen, simulating real-life engineering. The process known as electrolysis powers their model car’s fuel cell stack with hydrogen and allows students to learn more about fuel cell technology.
On race day, Students competed against each other, racing their cars down a 33-foot-long track. Each of the teams were required to present their model car at the judges’ table where a panel of Arconic Engineers scored on craftsmanship and engineering. Each team also presented their progress journal that documented the concepts, designs and development of their model car. According to the company’s website, Arconic helps transform the way we fly, drive, build and power a smarter energy future.

Several rounds of elimination races took place concluding with the two fastest cars racing against each other to determine the speed competition winner. Prizes were awarded for speed, craftsmanship, engineering and progress journal at an award's ceremony at the culmination of the competition.

The winners were:

1st Place – “Proceeding Backwards” by Union County Magnet High School
2nd Place – “Hydro Odyssey” by Piscataway High School
3rd Place – “Vroom Vroom” by Piscataway High School

1st Place – “Blob + Boss” by Union County Magnet High School
2nd Place – “Clowngineers” by Boonton High School
3rd Place – “Jon & Co” by New Providence High School
1st Place – “Blob + Boss” by Union County Magnet High School
2nd Place – “Squirtle” by Newton High School
3rd Place – “The Eagles” Boonton High School
Progress Journal
1st Place – “El Hombre Grande” by Union County Magnet High School
2nd Place – “Blob + Boss” by Union County Magnet High School
3rd Place – “Hydro Odyssey” by Piscataway High School