Dear Editor:

I had the privilege and honor as serving as a Councilman and Mayor on the Newton Town Council for 13 years. Helen Le Frois also served with me during that time. I have always recognized and admired her dedication, work ethic, and determination to put the wellbeing of the citizens of Newton ahead of herself. Her performance in office has gained her the respect of the citizens of the town largely because she always considers the best for the community as a whole.

Helen’s running mate is Michelle Teets. I knew Michelle when she was a dispatcher for the Newton Police Department, where her job performance was considered excellent. I also worked with Michelle at Picatinny Arsenal during my years in the construction industry. She is well-respected by her coworkers and the personnel who manage the arsenal. 

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If the citizens of Newton want to see the town prosper and continue to provide community leadership that will encourage redevelopment, obtain grants for public improvement, expand recreation programs, and control the tax rate, they should vote for the team of Le Frois and Teets.  Helen Le Frois and Michelle Teets combine a wealth of experience in local government with deep understanding of the issues that are most important to the Town of Newton, and they will ensure that the town is well-placed to succeed both financially and socially in the years to come.

I strongly recommend voting for Le Frois & Teets.

Joseph A. Ricciardo

Former Mayor