MADISON, NJ - The Madison Police Department is investigating a theft that occurred at the Madison Recreation Center. On June 22, 2014, at approximately 2:55 a.m. when two subjects entered from the Ridgedale Avenue entrance and proceeded to pry off  two of the large custom made brass letters “M” and “D”  from the brick wall that identified the facility and welcomed all entering into the Madison Recreation Complex for sporting events.

Upon filing of this report a spokesperson for the Madison Recreation Center stated they just want the brass letters returned undamaged. The custom letters are described to be about 18” inches high solid brass and estimated to cost in the thousands to replace.

The Madison Police Department is continuing to following up on several leads and review surveillance footage from the complex to identify the suspects.

Anyone with information regarding the missing letters is asked to contact the Madison Police Department at: (973) 593-3000.