BASKING RIDGE, NJ – Feeling cluttered by the amount of paper laying around?

Many people have too many old account statements and other personal documents containing private information lying around in file cabinets at home and the office. 

It's amazing to notice how many documents accumulate. 

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Most people typically receive two types of documents regularly; monthly bill statements such as a credit card statement or a mortgage statement and informational documents such as financial account statements. 

And many people keep every document for a long time thinking that they may need them one day. 

Although, this may be a true statement with respect to some documents such as mortgage statements, not everything needs to be kept. Bring your documents to the Postal Annex for shredding, and while you're there, check out some of the services they offer.

The PostalAnnex, at 411 King George Rd in Basking Ridge, is like having your own personal assistant.

With UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping; packaging supplies--boxes, packaging peanuts, tape, bubble envelopes; private mailbox rental; a notary public; and copying and printing in color or black & white; they offer you the benefit of being able to get many of your to-do's done under one roof.

The Postal Annex is owned by Walter (Wally) Pardo. Walter uses all of the services at PostalAnnex for his wealth management practice and tax practice, so when the opportunity to own the store came up, he decided to extend his business.