NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A pothole at the corner of Easton Avenue and Condict Street seems to provide a rare glimpse into New Brunswick’s past.

A layer of reddish bricks has been revealed where the black top has crumbled away.

And while it might be the bane of motorists and their cars’ shocks, it’s a reminder that there was a time when New Brunswick streets were paved with brick – and that history is just an inch or so below the surface and rarely noticed as hungry diners rush to Stuff Yer Face or Giovanneli’s Pizza and Grill or other nearby restaurants.

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Robert Belvin, the director of the New Brunswick Free Public Library, said the library’s archives do not contain many photos that show what Easton Avenue looked during a bygone era.

However, he was able to product photos of nearby Albany Street going back more than 100 years, showing that motorists tooling around the Hub City at the time were driving on brick-paved streets.

Last summer, construction on Stone Street near College Avenue revealed a layer of yellow bricks below the paved road.