YORKTOWN, N.Y. – In terms of spurring development and attracting commercial tenants, the results of Yorktown’s “Destination Y” campaign may be difficult to glean. In real numbers, however, the digital ad campaign resulted in millions of impressions and about 3,100 clicks, Thompson & Bender reported to the Town Board on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

The campaign, which ran from August to November, targeted business owners and executives looking for suburban satellite offices, real estate developers and commercial real estate brokers. Looking to capitalize on businesses fleeing the city in the wake of the pandemic, the campaign touted Yorktown’s “streamlined” and “expedited” approval processes, “shovel-ready” sites and “flexible” zoning.

Thompson & Bender, a public relations firm based in Westchester, is contracted by the town for “community branding” purposes at $30,000 annually. Another $30,000 was paid to the firm in June so it could hire a staff member for public relations purposes. The “Destination Y” campaign cost the town $40,750, putting the total cost of Thompson & Bender’s services at $100,750.

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The budget for Thompson & Bender’s digital ad campaign was $30,707. The firm purchased $15,000 worth of ads on Crain’s New York, $5,883 in the Westchester County Business Journal, $8,824 in Real Deal and $1,000 on social media-boosted posts.

That bought the town 3,131 clicks and 2,236,522 “impressions,” or how many times the content was viewed. A viewer doesn’t have to engage with the post for it to count as an impression.

Thompson & Bender also launched a “Destination Y” website, designed pole banners, wrote press releases for the town and launched a monthly newsletter, for which 9,032 people signed up.

Town Supervisor Matt Slater said contracts for Thompson & Bender was money well spent.

“Thompson & Bender has provided a really important operational service to the town,” Slater told Yorktown News.

Two of the firm’s partners, Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson and Geoff Thompson, recommended the town carry on with the campaign in 2021.

“I think that, really, the town has become a model in the county, and then there are a lot of imitators now that are trying to get on board to do what Yorktown’s been doing,” Geoff Thompson said.

Councilwoman Alice Roker was supportive of the campaign, saying, “You gotta be in it to win it, and we are now.”