As the first Tropical Storm of the season begins its climb up the coast, we all need to think about what we'll do to prepare for the wet and windy season.

In Union County, our Restoration and Mitigation Company gets the most calls about power outages, sump pump failures, and flooding. We anticipate Andrea to be no exception.

If your home has a basement and you live in an area like Cranford, NJ that is prone to flooding, you need a sump pump to protect your family from the many damages that stem from standing water. Floodwaters can destroy the structural integrity of your home. Afterwards, those same waters often carry insects and rodents into your home and create the ideal environment for mold and mildew to thrive. No matter the specifics, standing water leaves homeowners with the burden of repairing their homes after a storm.

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Luckily, homeowners can solve this deficiency before it becomes a problem. By installing a second sump pump based on water-pressure as a backup, it can release your dependency on electricity. We have one ourselves!

As we have seen in both Irene and Sandy, electrical power is often the first thing to go during the course of high winds and rain. A backup sump pump is a smart, practical way to ensure your home is protected even without electricity.

Water-Powered Sump Pump

By running off the water pressure of the home plumbing system, this unit requires no electricity to function. It also works on a float-operated switch and processes water at a rate similar to the electric pedestal models. While this machinery is functional at any time, is best served as a backup to an electric model to protect your home during a power outage, when the electric unit is incapacitated.

With Andrea and the Hurricane Season on the horizon, take the steps now to protect your home from the dangers of unchecked flooding every day of the year.

Robin Hoy

Cranford, NJ