MAPLEWOOD AND SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Protesters from Maplewood and South Orange participated in a silent march on Sunday, one of many events across the country opposing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

"Kavanaugh would rule against reproductive freedom, health care, the environment, voting rights, workers’ rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigrant rights for generations," stated the Unite for Justice website, a joint program of Move On and NARAL, which organized the nationwide protests.

"We are doing this as part of the National Day of Action against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court," said Amy Higer, one of the main organizers of the SOMA event, prior to the start of the march.

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"With a president who faces the possibility of indictment, he has no business nominating anybody to that position. Brett Kavanaugh’s position about women's reproductive rights are abhorrent and do not represent the vast majority of Americans," continued Higer.

"We are dressed as Handmaids from The Handmaids Tale to symbolize the cautionary story of what happens when women’s rights are taken away, because that’s what Kavanaugh wants to do to us," said Higer.

Addressing the crowd outside the Maplewood train station before the march, Higer said, "there are 26 undecided senators, and we must all work to get enough of them to vote no to reject Kavanaugh... we need to vote on November 6 and elect senators who will protect women’s rights.”

The protesters marched from the Maplewood train station to downtown Maplewood, continuing on Maplewood Avenue to Ricalton Park, where participants distributed flyers.

The group re-assembled at the gazebo at the South Orange Train Station, before continuing a second silent march in South Orange.

In addition to wearing red handmaids gowns, protesters held signs with messages that included "Defend Marriage Equality" and "Thou Shalt Not Mess With Women's Reproductive Rights."

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