Since all High School Juniors take the PSAT together and get their scores together, it may seem that they all take the SAT, SAT II’s, and ACT at the same time as well.   Not necessarily!  Establishing a personal plan will keep the student focused and the family comfortable knowing that a clear direction has been established.

There is no one-size-fits all approach at this crucial time in a High School student’s career.  Schedules are packed with school requirements, athletic & music/arts commitments, community involvement and time with family and friends; finding time to prepare for College Entrance exams won’t be easy.

 The SAT and ACT tests are offered several times and choosing the right date(s) to take the test is a good place to start. 

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  • A Winter sport athlete may be wise to take the May 7 and October 8 SAT ; not the March 12 that many Fall and Spring Athletes will take. 
  • A student with many AP classes will avoid the May 7 because it falls in the middle of AP exams.
  • A student with strong PSAT scores and time to study over the holidays may opt to take the January 22 exam.
  • The April 9 ACT test date may work well for many students.  Some will find the February 12 date too close to mid-terms and the June 11 date too close to finals.

Chyten is a full service education support company.  Since 1984 we have been preparing students for standardized tests and entrance exams.  We begin the test preparation process with our comprehensive Magnostic Report.  Created using the  PSAT score sheet or by a student taking our Actual Conditions SAT, ACT or our exclusive ACT vs SAT exams in our Millburn and Basking Ridge Centers, the report provides a clear view of a student’s results.  The Magnostic report data is used to determine if a SAT or ACT class is a good choice to prepare for the exams or if one-on-one tutoring may be the most efficient and effective way to prepare.

Actual Conditions Exams will be offered on Saturday December 18 and on Wednesday December 29. 

Please contact us at  Millburn: 973 564 5220 and Basking Ridge: 908 647 9320