Motivational humorist, sales training expert and keynote speaker, Tommy Hilcken, joined TAPintoTV’s Brian Brodeur for a conversation over indoor baseball at East Main Media Studios.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Hilcken uses comedy to help his audience learn. He utilizes his experience as both an entertainer and sales trainer to help individuals and businesses put their best foot forward. "What I’ve done is taken what I’ve learned on stage, and I help people with their presentations," Hilcken noted. "People often say they have a tremendous fear of public speaking,” he added, “what they have is a fear of being judged."

Tommy Hilcken spoke about the importance of understanding your audience and knowing their needs. Hilcken recommends that speakers, “be confident in yourself and what you do," Hilcken said. "If you can prove that you’re confident and competent, people will do business with you,” he continued. "When you’re going out there, you’re selling who you are and what you do.”

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One of Hilcken's primary philosophies is that sales isn’t something you do to someone, sales is something you do for someone. "So if you’re just there to help them," he noted. "Why should it be a big deal?" 

A cornerstone of Hilcken's sales training is providing solutions to clients' needs, challenges, problems and pain points. "I don’t want to sell anything to anyone, but I’d love them to buy from me," he explained. "Once you uncover their pain, and the value that you bring in for getting rid of their’s pretty much invaluable."

Between pitches, Brodeur and Hilcken discussed the perceived value of business offerings in the marketplace and how to apply a plan for building business. "Most people don’t have a process of selling, so they’re winging it,” Hilcken said. “They have no idea what their value is," he explained. "If somebody says, well you know it’s $4k but I’ll give you $1k--I’ll take it,” Hilcken said, “thinking that $1k is better than nothing. But in reality, is it? In the long run? No--it’s going to hurt you."

Hilcken structures the sales process into five steps: (1) Write down what you want to achieve; (2) Identify your burning desire; (3) What is your definite plan to achieve it; (4) How will you execute the plan; (5) Give your plan a deadline. "When you give things deadlines," Hilcken explained, "They start to come closer to you.” 

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